Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It has been a crazy few days on our house. The kids were off from school on Monday so they came with me to walk in the Mall. (Walking in the Mall is something I do at least 3 days a week if not more, with some of my friends) The morning started early with kids up early crying and complaining. I shrugged it all off as them being tired. Well I guess I should not have done that, we were about half way around our first loop when Cassie lost her breakfast all over the floor! The positive note for me was I did not have to clean it!

So it is now Tuesday night Cassie can just not shake the fever she got Monday evening. I feel bad for my kids when they are sick or hurt. I am the first to tell you that I am not a very sympathetic person. I am more of the shake it off you will be OK type of person. I try to be sympathetic but it is just not there.

As of bed time Cassie had a fever so it looks like it will be another day at home for me. Not only am I not sympathetic I also am a on the go type of person. So being at home for two days now and the thought of a third is enough to drive me crazy.

Our hope is that no more gets sick or if we do that we are all better my next week when Kevin is hopefully going to be home. Just what we need to all be sick or just getting over it and then Kevin get it.

So with that said please pray for my kids! oh and I suppose me too!