Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mommy Moment

I know it is not Monday and I have not done a Mommy Moment in a long time but I have to share this before I forget it!

Kira and I listen to the FISH radio station just about every morning on the way to school. Part of the morning show is a segment call Junior Joker, where kids tell jokes. Anyway it was a joke about Noah this morning. Kira has a sense of humor but some of them I have to explain a little, this morning being one of them. So as we were talking about Noah and how he took two of every animal on the Ark with him, like two worms, two birds, two elephant, and so on. Kira says "yeah I know mom and he took two of those bad snakes, the sinning snakes, I saw it on in my bible!"

You have to love your kids and how their little brains work! Thanks Kira for a great start to my day!


Ferguson Family said...

Have faith like a child right?? I always love when my kids point out something from the bible, it amazes me...It's usually because they have a completely different outlook than us!

Anonymous said...

oh that is my girl!
Love you.. your grandma