Friday, January 9, 2009

When It rains it pours

I can tell that it is getting closer to when Kevin should be home because it is pouring in our house right now! It always seems to happen right after they leave and right before they come home!

Both Cars need to fix! The van went in for the routine oil change and all is good, except when I went to get in was a big scratch and dent on the driver door! YIKES. The dealer is going to fix it for me as they did it, but they will need the van for a few day. All good right, I have a second car not being used as Kevin is gone right? WRONG! It won't start! So tomorrow with the wonderful help of my neighbor we are bringing the car in to get fixed so that I can drive that while the dealer fixes my van! Told you it is pouring in our house! Oh, all the week before pay day too!

To add to it, i am not sleeping, not sure why. Last night I heard something, it was the wind I know but I had myself so freaked out that I did not sleep but 4hrs! Thank goodness the girls are so great and I was able to take a nap! Got to run the baby is awaking! Quite time is officially over!

So as my day's as a single married mother are coming to an end please pray for me and my family!

Thanks :)