Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today was officially a lazy Saturday, well of sorts.

I finally gave into the girls begging for a sleepover. Two of the neighborhood girlfriends came over Friday about 4pm, we had cheese pizza and pop. They watched a movie, had popcorn and headed upstairs for "girl" time. Poor Kira came down with a cold and pretty much lost her voice, so I believe she was the first one to fall asleep. It was quite at about 9pm and lasted till 6am. So my lazy day started a little early! After making some waffles and bacon for the kids and then cleaning up. One of the girls had to be home by 8:30 this morning and the other left about 10 am. By then I had already found myself a nice comfy spot on the couch! Josiah was very happy to just play with his toys. He would crawl over every once in awhile to check on me and yell upstairs to the girls just to make sure we were all here. Lunch time came after a little snuggle time with the girls. We ate and then Kira, Josiah & Mom took naps while Cassie read books, played and went over to one of the friends house for a little big girl time! (Oh sometime in there I did take a shower)

At one point I did make it to the computer room to my surprise Kevin was on-line so we got to "chat" for a while which was very nice. Like I have said before you have to love today's technology. By 3pm we were all awake and back home. Played a game of UNO, and then headed to WalMart to pick up my very late Christmas photo cards! Back home for leftover supper for me and chicken tenders, veggie and fries for the kids. So like I said a very, very lazy Sat.

So for those of you that read this and are a lucky few that will get a "Winter" Photo card and letter from the Isenberger, I think you may have to just wait few more days. I just can't seam to get into the letter writing mood!

If anyone has any cute idea on fun letter, please send them my way. Our family letter writer happens to be out of commission right now, well not really, but just a little to busy protecting our country!

I hope that you can find a Lazy Saturday soon! They are the BOMB!

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