Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Always looking to save a penny or two!

I am doing some research on San Diego CA for a family vacation. We are hoping to take a long weekend and head south to San Diego. Being a Military family does have it perks at times. There are tons of opportunities for us to get in free or at a discounted rate to many of the fun things we hope to see while on vacation.

The main research I am doing is a place to stay. I can't decided if we want to just stay at a hotel or try to rent a condo of some short. Hotel may be cheaper per night, but if we rent a condo we have more space, a kitchen where we could do some cooking and packing of lunches. The question I keep asking myself is would we really use the kitchen, would we really cook, and pack the lunches? The condo would give us more space, possibly two bedrooms so kids could go to bed at a decent hour and Kevin and I could enjoy the evening together without going to bed at the same time as the kids, which usually ends up happening when we stay at a hotel.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine is! So if anyone has a favorite place they have stayed or heard of any fabulous deals, please let me know!


melissa lideen said...

Liz, No fab deals for you, but from experience of vacationing with family, I will never again only go hotel room. LOVE having the kitchen for making meals and everything else. We saved a ton and had the space for Tim and I to have time together too. I vote condo!

JaimeLaree said...

Hey Liz,
I saw your blog address on MaryBeth's new blog and I came by to check it out. I love blogs. I am from San Diego but don't know of any great deals. I say go with a condo or a hotel/extended stay that offers a kitchen. San Diego is expensive, especially when eating out 3 times a day. You can pack your own lunches when you go to the beach, sea world or the zoo. Have you been to San Diego before? Some great places to visit are Coronado, Mission Beach and the old coaster, of course Sea World and the Zoo. Have you thought about staying at Camp Pendleton? They have camp grounds on the beach? They have their own beach on base. I'm not sure what other facilities they have but they are pretty close to San Diego and have the benefits of being on base.

Jason and Kristen said...

Hey, I'd get in touch with Heather Linebarger - she is from Southern Cali and should be able to help you on what is around San Diego :)