Thursday, October 2, 2008

Frustrations! & Solutions!

The day was going pretty good, I am a little stressed with a lot going on in the next couple of day's, but I had my menu and grocery list done, kids up, dressed, feed and out the door on time. The day was looking good. Josiah and I went to the store, which by the way I really love shopping with only one child! Anyway got in an out and even home in time for a short nap for Josiah while I put grocery away before we needed to be out the door to pick up Kira and off to gymnastics. But when I walked in the house the little light on the phone was blinking, it was Cassie teacher.

We had another missing book. This would be the third one this year! YIKES. This has been an ongoing problem this year. They are just disappearing, to make a long story short I am at my wits end, not knowing what to do. But after some investigation on my part and the teachers part we think we have figured it out. My little Cassie has a huge heart and is a social butterfly this is a good thing and a bad thing. She is so excited to see her friends in the morning that she is getting distracted and forgetting what she is doing. Needless to say things are getting dropped and miss placed. So we are coming up with a check list for the morning to try and keep her on task. You teacher out there are so smart! Time will tell!

Here is last years & this years school picture of Cassie, oh how they grow up!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a darling girl! I think your plan will help her only if she doesn't loose the list! Just kidding. That is a great idea. Love you all. Grandma Ruis

Kevin said...

Back when I was her age, they pinned notes to our shirts! She is growing up!