Friday, October 3, 2008

My Deep Question of the day

One of Kira's favorite show right now is "WordWorld" on PBS. It is on at the perfect time by us, right as I am making lunch so it is an almost daily thing. Anyway because of the way the house is set up I can see and hear the TV from the kitchen. The show is cute and educational, all of the animals and buildings are made up of words, but are the shapes of what they are. Anyway all of the main animals that I have seen so far on this show talk except the dog. Dog barks, every animals understand him. So my question is why Dog is the only animal on the show that does not talk?

You know you have pre-schooler when you ponder such questions! :)

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Tina G said...

Hollis also enjoys Word World and I have wondered much the same about DOG. I have also wondered why a pig in Super Why is one of the main characters with 3 humans.
Miss you. Your Cuz-Tina