Monday, September 15, 2008

Hollywood and Politics...

I'm sure Liz will be posting a Mommy Moment later today, but I have another rant to get off my chest. I suppose many of you have noticed the political nature of my recent posts, there's a reason for that. The more I research Barak Obama and his cronies, the more alarmed I am at the numbers of people who still support him. This is an important election and I feel very strongly about the issues and the Democratic candidate. Mr. Obama is the polar opposite of all things I believe and hold dear.

With all the bickering back and forth and all the verbal blunders of the past week, Hollywood has once again been heard from. Ah, yes, the land of empty heads engaged in debauchery and delusions of grandeur. Now we get to deal with voices from that alternate reality telling us how to vote!

Who on earth does Matt Damon think he is? He's made some movies and is a talented actor, but that's it, he's an actor. He is not a politician, a political analyst or even a journalist. He's an actor who apparently thinks that fame and fortune make him qualified to critique voters on another side of an issue.

Who on earth is Lindsey Lohan? She's made some really bad movies. She's wallowed in alcohol and drug dependency, apparently to assuage the sting of being a horrible actress. Now she is busy flitting around Hollywood with her lesbian lover who she apparently intends to marry. Quite a resume. Why do I bring this up? I'll tell you. Earlier this week, she had the nerve to lash out at Sarah Palin for her conservative stance. How nice.

By and large, Hollywood is for Barak Obama, the upstart who is left of Mrs. Clinton and possibly even a bit left of Hitler, the guy is out there. The more liberal the candidate, the more Hollywood loves them. What disturbs me is that, Matt Damon, Lindsey Lohan, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore, just to name a few of the more offensive characters in Hollywood, are the people are children want to emulate and the constant message is to live your life in some sort of alternate reality. Lets keep in mind that these folks are paid to pretend to be someone else, so I guess it would naturally follow that they would support the candidate who is doing the same thing.

My message to Hollywood is this: You are paid to entertain me, so shut up and ENTERTAIN ME!

Written by Kevin

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Heather and Reese said...

AMEN! I think it's absurd that anyone listens to actors on any issue simply because they're actors. Give me a break: they pretend for a living!!!

I agree with every word of your post. Just thought I'd throw that it!