Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Mommy Moments

Last night at supper we were talking about all the holiday's that will happen before Daddy get home. We stop however on Christmas a little longer then the others and that is where the mommy moment comes in. As we were talking about stockings, and in our family the adults stuff each other stockings, because Santa has asked for help with them and also for a little extra help on the kids stockings. This is our way to still have Santa but down play it a little, anyway

Cassie all of the sudden looked at me and said "Mom who is going to stuff your stocking, Dad is...." she stopped mid sentence and then said " I did not just break it for you did I mom? You know Dad stuffs your stocking and not Santa right?"

It is so fun to watch your kids grow and watch the wheels in there heads turn!

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Heather and Reese said...

OH! That's priceless!!!

How long will hubby be gone? Don't you hate this part of military life?