Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Satire

So I know that Saturday is almost over but oh well. After three day's of 102+ temp. I finally loaded all the kids up and brought Josiah to the ER last night. As we (Cassie, Kira, Josiah & myself) were sitting in the hallway of the hospital on a bed (really it was a gurney) I was witness to another mommies, mommy moment and I just have to share.

A women and two boys (ages maybe 8 & 11) were visiting another female in the room across the hall from our make shift area. The patient needed to have some blood drawn so the kids were asked to step out of the room and wait in the hall. As we sat trying to mind our own business, which when sitting on a gurney in the hallway with three kids is not very doable, it came very apparent that the patient did not want to have her blood drawn. She started to scream and yell and then cry. The older of the two boys, asked the women (whom I am assuming was their mom) what they were doing. She simply stated that they just needed to draw some blood but that she (the patient) did not want them to. He then stated "And I thought going to the dentist was bad!"

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