Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A windy day!

I promise to keep it shorter tonight. I found all the time that I lost yesterday so no worries! We had a great day. I had found this group of other stay at home mom's and they were having a play date today, I was so excited! We woke up to a sunny but very windy day but I thought no big deal, if there is one thing I learned first living in WA and then in Germany, if you let a little wind or rain keep you from going out you will never leave your house. With that said we loaded up in the van and headed to the park, I was so excited to meet some new people. Needless to say we were the only ones at the park. The girls had fun and Josiah took a short nap in his stroller so all in all it was a fun morning.

After a little quite time for the girls and a little down time for me, I started working on some cards that I am working on for a card swap. The neighbor girl came over to see if the girls wanted to come fly some kites, remember it was very windy. We went out and had a fun time watching the three girls running up and down our street trying to get the kites to fly. Cassie was very determined to get her to work. It was fun to watch the determination. Kira tried for a little while but then gave up to ride her scooter.

No real life lessons today, just pet peeves, if you are planning something please show up.

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