Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where does time go?

WOW where do the day's go. Sorry I did not post last night, I was just to tired. Let see yesterday oh yeah I CLEANED :( YUCK. But it is done all three bathrooms, everything dusted, kitchen bleached, and floors vacuumed, swept & mopped and it only took me all day! It tends to take a little longer when you have to feed, change & play with the kids in the middle of it.

Oh I almost forgot the other important thing that happened yesterday. I made a phone call and found a preschool for Kira! Yeah! That lead into today. We qualify for the state run preschool and there were still some spot left, YEAH! So I loaded the kids up and we were out the door by 8:40 am and headed for the office to start the paper work. After driving around the parking lot twice we found the office and with one in my arms and the other two in step behind we marched in the office with smiles on our faces. I had a list of papers they needed and I had them all. Well almost, I had my PG&E (gas and electric) bill from Feb. as I am trying to save some trees, and they needed this months so I will have to bring that back later. I also found out that Kira needed a TB lest. Yikes, I knew it was a three day test so my brain started working, how can I make as few trips to and from our DR., trying to save gas! So if I drove to base and had them administer it then on Friday when we have Kira's 4 year physical the Dr. could read it. I made the phone calls to make sure that would work, everyone was a go with that plan, YEAH! With packet of papers in hand and appointment set for Monday to finish up the paper work the kids and I got back in the car to head to base!

But wait what is that smell? Oh, it is just Josiah he has filled is pants, always at the best times! Thank goodness for the mini van and floor space, works great for changing diapers! OK now we were ready to head to base for the TB test. Kira did great not even a tear. Back in the van again, by now it is 10:30 Josiah has had a short 45min. nap in the car on the way to base. I had bribed the kids earlier that if they behaved we could do something special. Before I could even get it out Cassie was asking what the something special was, "can we go to McDonald's and play?" Take care of lunch and keep the kid happy why not. Cassie promptly reminded me that they needed sock. So now do I go home and get sock or run to the BX and pick some up, kids can always use socks right? Plus 10:30 was a little early for lunch. So off to the BX we go.

I don't know about anyone else but how do you loose and hour when you just want to pick up socks? Before I knew it an hour was gone and I was walking out of the BX with sock (which were on clearance!) a candle, toaster, and pair of sandals. Again where dose time go! On to McDonald's, found one with an outdoor play. Lunch was a hit. Home for quite time, got to love quite time.

All in all it was a good day, we all got to talk to Kevin. Had a easy supper, went for a little walk to waste time, yeah I know earlier I was complaining of time disappearing I guess I found it. Anyway back to the walk, it also gave Kira a chance to practice ridding her new scooter. P.J.'s, teeth, book and bed.

Well that about wraps up my last two day's. So the question still stands where does the time go?

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