Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another day down

Well, here I am with another day down and another day closer to being done with this particular school. Yesterday was what I would consider a wasted day. It was another "Death by Powerpoint" day and then we had weapons issue which was very disorganized. That has been a re-occurring theme through the whole thing. Because we are not going to one of the normal locations for deployment, they tailored the course and made it shorter, this is the first time they have done it and everyone seems baffled by the whole thing. Today was another waste of a day, we spent the day doing "tape drills" in place of normal range time. Tomorrow should be better, we will be doing live combat firing with rifles and pistols, should be fun and beneficial. Not much else to tell, just missing the family. I actually got a chance to call and talk to Bear on her birthday, so I feel a little better about that. It is time to head off to the showers and get ready for tomorrow.

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