Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life lesson ; Consistency

I would have to agree with Kevin on another day down. It was Kira Bears birthday today, she was a little confused since we had celebrated it last week. She kept asking if she could have friends over and open presents. We had her favorite breakfast of "brown sugar pancakes," otherwise know as Swedish pancakes.

To the life lesson. I am not sure why I learn these lesson when Kevin is gone, but that is when they always seem to happen. Kira received a gift card for her birthday and I said that I would take her to spend it. So after her melt down I gave her the chance to change her behavior we would go after supper. OK to the lesson, after another foot stopping I gave her another chance, then when there was another melt down it hit me. CONSISTENCY! So I put my foot down and said that we were not going to the store. Meltdown #3, but I stuck it out and told her that I have given her to many chances and that I was not putting up with the foot stopping!

I will keep you updated as to how it goes, I am hoping that by posting this it will help to keep me honest and keep my foot down.

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