Friday, June 6, 2008

A weekend with nothing to do

The week is over and incredibly enough we have downtime in a ground combat school! We are confined to base because we are in student status, so it will be a weekend of a lot of nothing to do. Today was good, we had live fire with movement and combat stress. It was a hot humid day and we were out on the range in full battle rattle which all in all weighs around 50 pounds. For the combat stress portion, they ran us in the sand and had us doing push ups and flutter kicks until we were good and worn out and then put us back on the line to fire some more. It sounds horrible, but was actually very good training, the best we have had so far. There really isn't a whole lot else to talk about since that was the whole days activities. We will see what the weekend brings, we will probably clean weapons and get our gear squared away for next week, other than that we will probably wander to the BX for the hundredth time since we have been here. More to follow later...

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