Sunday, June 1, 2008

Getting ready.

Well, here it is, Sunday morning and I am feeling like an unwashed heathen because we will be skipping church in order to get my stuff packed and be ready to catch a plane this afternoon. If you recall my post regarding Friday's debacle, this is the trip we were trying to arrange. This school is known as pre-deployment training and I am keeping an open mind as these schools have supposedly been revamped since the last time I went through one. In the past they have been a complete waste of time learning Vietnam era tactics for a war that involves an ever evolving battlefield. The idea of stationary defense is outdated as the battlefield is always moving these days. We'll see if they have come up with anything worth learning, I certainly hope so. This will most likely be my last post for a couple of weeks since I will most likely not have Internet connection and I am still debating even taking my laptop with me. We'll see, I will be sure to post again as soon as I get back if I can't get on-line while I am gone.

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