Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bear's birthday party!

I am really feeling grown up now. First my oldest finishes her first year of school, YIKES. Then my middle child turns 4! Ok so she still has a couple of days before she is actually 4, but we had her party yesterday. She chose to go bowling so that is what we did. One of the challenges we face right now is that Kira does not have many, ok so any friends her age close to us. So when I asked her who she wanted to invite it was the two neighbor kids, who are Cassie's age, and our friends from base that have yet another 5 year old and a 1 year old. So for Kira's party it was four 5&6 year olds, Kira and two babies. In the end Kira said she had fun, but my heart was sad for her as she did not have any one there that was just her friend.

We chose to have Kira's party yesterday so that Dad would be able to be with us. If you read Kevin's post from yesterday you would know that his day did not go as planned, but then I am not sure if that ever really happens :) I decided that it was just practice for when he is gone. All in all the party went pretty well, all the kids were happy, I was just a little extra tired last night!

So why all this rambling? Is it to have people feel sorry for Kira? for me? No. I think there is two lessons in Kira's party. One is that I love that fact that Kira is so good at making friends, that it does not matter how old or young they are. She just loves everyone and wants everyone to have fun. I believe that comes from this wonderful life that God has given us in the military with all the moving and transitions our family goes though. The second is more for me, to really work on getting Kira more involved in things with kids her age and more opportunities for her. I think we have put so much focus on Cassie this year with moving and getting her into school that poor Kira has just been a long for the ride. I must say she has been a great passenger and not once complained.

Well that is enough life lessons for me for one day!

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Ken said...

Congrats on your birthday!