Friday, May 30, 2008

What a day!

Where do I start? This week and most of last have been spent getting ready to leave for a ground combat school in preparation for an upcoming deployment. The idea is to get 13 troops to get all their gear together and out process medical and the squadron. It sounds simple, but in practice, it is much the same as herding cats! It is next to impossible to keep track of them and it was compounded by the fact that there were two teams trying to do the same thing. Well, today was supposed to be a simple come in, get our orders and plane tickets and have some down time before we travel. Needless to say, "supposed" was the key word! Mr. Murphy is alive and well and was very active in the days events. It took forever to get our orders approved, finance kept screwing the funds up. Once we finally got the orders approved, the travel office wouldn't accept them because some number or another didn't match something else (this, of course, is all Chinese to me) and told us we needed to refer back to finance. Naturally by the time we got this word, it was late in the afternoon on a Friday and finance wasn't answering the phone. The sergeant working on the orders finally physically tracked someone down and got things fixed. Long story short, what was supposed to have happened before noon wasn't concluded until after 1730 (5:30pm for the non-military reader), over an hour after the duty day ends. These are definitely the days I can do without!

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