Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Twists and turns

The last time you heard from us was Kevin's post filling you in about post retirement and our move! Almost a year ago, I can't believe it.  Time as gone by so fast and there has been many twist and turns along the way.  I will try to lead you down the road we are currently on. 

As Kevin stated the first house fell through so we found a place to rent. The kids all started school and have done a fantastic job making new friends and are excelling in school. I am currently working full time in retail in Eau Claire. Kevin is also working full time, as a garbage truck driver for Advanced. 

We have found a house and hope to move in after school is out! We are very ready to really get settled. We are very thankful we could find a rental house for this past year, it is just a bit small for our family of five and all our stuff!  Moving should be pretty easy as half our house is still boxed up and sitting the garage. :) Speaking of if you are looking for a rental Foxboro Property Management is a great company!

With every twist in the road we have had in this last year since Kevin's retirement I would not change a single twist! With every twist we learned something as family and it has brought all of us closer to our Heavenly Father and each other.

We are looking forward to the summer and new adventures. 

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