Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our new adventure to live a happier, healthier & longer life together!

There is something I would love to share with all of you!  Some might already know but other might not, I have struggled with my weight and self confidence most of my life.  After Josiah was born, (he will be 4 in Dec.!) I worked very hard and lost all of my babies (all three of them) weight.  It felt great to be the smallest I have ever been in my life that I remember.   Kevin and I have really been working hard on changing the way our entire family eats and takes care of ourselves.  We want to be happy and healthy!  Kevin started running and really enjoys it, me on the other longed to get in shape, sure I had lost the weight but I wanted to be “in shape” and “look” in shape.  So when my brother-in-law shared with us his amazing story and results he got with P90X and Shakeology (a fantastic meal replacement shake!) it peeked both of our interest.  

That leads me to tell all of you that I am officially 4 weeks into P90X and have been using Shakeology along with it! (BTW – I have lost 3 inches off my waist & hips already!)   Not only did I start P90X & Shakeology but I became a Beachbody coach as well.  I am so excited about this new adventure in my life.  I feel better than I have in a really, really, long time and want to help other feel as great as I do, live happier healthier, longer lives!

Why am I telling you all this, because Beachbody is launching something so great that I just could not pass up the chance to tell you all about it. 

Do you…
1.      Want to get healthy?
2.      Want to add years onto your life?
3.      Want to get your life on track and start a new healthy lifestyle?
4.      Want to have energy?
5.      Want to set a good example for your children?
6.      Want to have a more positive attitude?
7.      Want build relationships with others going through the same things?
8.      Want to have more confidence?
9.      Want look in the mirror and feel GOOD about what you see?

If yes then I would invite you to take a 90 day challenge with Beachbody?  This will be my first challenge as a Beachbody coach and I am so excited and I plan on giving 110% of myself to YOU to help you reach success!

The challenge will include a fitness program, meal replacement shake, Shakeology, free meal planner, site to track your progress and workouts, and AMAZING accountability!  It is going to be very small and intimate with just 5 people.  Everyone will commit to fitness goals, health goals, diet, and stay accountable to one another. We will all be doing a workout program, drinking Shakeology, tracking our progress, and staying connected in our private Facebook group. 

CONTACT ME ASAP if you are interested or want more information or have any questions!
Remember I’m only taking 5 people!

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