Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ready Set GO!

I know, I know it has been like FOREVER! Here is the low down on the Family

Kevin: Is off protecting the country on the other side of the pond for the next 6 months give or take.

Liz: Really enjoying my new job. You could not ask to work with a better group of people. I don't think there has been a morning yet that I did not want to get up and go to work.

Cassie: Has had a very busy and exciting summer. It started with our family vacation to WI for 3 weeks where she learned to shoot a b.b. gun & 22. Then it was directly off to Operation Purple camp for 9 days, then summer camp at school. Things have slowed down a little now that she is hanging out with the best daycare provider around! Soccer practice starts this week, and then it is school already next week. 3rd grade here she comes!

Kira: Had an extra special trip to WI, as it was her birthday while we were there. All her cousin, aunts, uncle, Ba & Grammy were able to celebrate with us, fireworks and all. Her present was a girls day out with Grammy, Auntie Kelly, Cassie & Mom. We had pedicures, lunch and to top it off she got her ears pierced. She has also had a blast at the summer camp and is also enjoying the best daycare provider! Soccer will also start soon for her and them 1st grade here we come!

Josiah: What to say about Josiah, he is growing like a weed. His highlight from our vacation was riding the four wheelers or Motor Cycle as he called them. He loved our two night camping trip and just being able to run free and be a boy out in the country. He loves being able to spend time with that awesome daycare lady also. He is our little boy who is always sick, no really at least once if not twice a month. We are trying to figure it all out, but that is a whole other post that maybe some day I will tackle.

I think that about covers it, we have had a great summer and it is very quickly coming to a close and the new season of our family has started.

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Karen Ruis said...

I love reading your blog.. even if we know the details.. it is good to see the pictures again. We are so proud of all of our CA family!