Monday, August 23, 2010

Never a quite moment!

Kira wanted to make sure that we had an exciting weekend. It all started Saturday morning when we took a trip to the park. It was beautiful, nice and cool with a breeze. All kids were happy, even one of Kira's friend were at the park. She is our little adventure and wanted to try the monkey bars. First time she dropped down just fine, well needless to say the second time was not so graceful. She fell and put her arm down to stopper her self. This is when if there was sound I would insert a blood curdling scream!
Long story short, after a stop at the fire station and three firemen making a make shift splint out of cardboard and duck tape! Kira and I headed to Urgent care where x-ray's were taken and it was determined she has a buckle fracture to her left forearm.We left urgent care with a splint and a sling, and were told to come back on Monday for a cast. Kira got lots of attention at home, church & school. Now we have a bright pink cast to match our bright personality! ALL is well!

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