Thursday, February 5, 2009

Psalms Experiment

Our church has been going through the book of Psalms. The congregation was given the chance to take a challenge or experiment if you will for 30 day dealing with the book of Psalms. So the kids and I, well I suppose I decided to do the experiment. We doing two different "experiments" one as a family and then I am doing something personally.

As a family we are reading from the book Psalms For Young Children, after supper each night. Then we talk about what we can learn from it, journal about it and write down prayer request and take turns praying. Some night are much better then other. Tonight was one of the good one, the night where you know what you are doing is getting into there heads, that they are learning. Kira said tonight that "We love God because he loved us first!" Then this was one of her prayer request. "that we pray for the bad people, like the ones in jail, so that they won't do bad things anymore." You have to love the way kids think about things.

Personally I am reading 5 Psalms a day, doing a little journal and praying. It has been very good, but also very interesting. I have always had hard time finding the right time of day to do any kind of "quite" time. If I do it at night I fall asleep, I have tired during the day but always end up finding something to do, mornings work for awhile till I get lazy. So when am I doing it you ask? Well I have been getting up early and doing it. So far it is working good, there has been a couple of morning I have wanted to stay in bed, but I have not. We will have to see how it goes once Kevin comes home, but I am going to try my hardest! Maybe I will get up and then go back to bed!

Anyway I thought I would just let you all know what I am doing, some what for accountability if nothing more. Hard to hide or put it off when you know the "world wide web" knows about it :)

Also, if anyone has any good ideas for family devotions I am all ears, this book we have won't last very long and now that we have started the routine of devotions it is something I want to keep going. I have three kids, almost 7, 4 & 1 (girl, girl, boy.) Thanks in advance.


Ferguson Family said...

Good for you on your quiet time! AND your family devotion time. Those are 2 things that are hard to fit in for some reason. But, life is so much better when you do! I am glad you are doing so well with it.

I have no suggestions for a family devotional book, maybe a kid's devotional bible that has scripture and questions to discuss??

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. Do you remember any of the devotional times we had when you kids were little? Even if you don't.. it is part of what makes you such an awesome women today! I can't wait to be there and participate with you and the girls.
Love Mom