Monday, September 1, 2008

What is wrong with this country's Liberals?

As I follow the news, I can't help but wonder what is wrong with the liberals in this country? John McCain asks Sarah Palin to be his VP candidate and the liberal bloggers go absolutely insane. One of the most ridiculous rumors started was that Palin's four month old baby was actually her daughter's and that Palin was trying to "cover for her." Now there is the news that Palin's daughter is indeed pregnant and suddenly that is all anyone can talk about. This was a choice made by Palin's daughter and has nothing to do with her candidacy. The way I see it is that the liberals are extremely threatened by Palin and are reacting much the same way as a cornered animal, lashing out at their perceived antagonist.
Now let's turn our attention to the RNC convention. What is it in the liberal ethos that seems to demand a protest wherever Republicans, the military or anything capitalist are gathered? Do they really think that setting dumpsters on fire and vandalizing Police cars is an effective means of furthering their agenda? Again, we have a bunch of small minded people making a bad name for the rest of the Democratic Party who are by and large well behaved. Their pet issues, mainly the war, get in the way of the larger picture and once again, they react as cornered animals lashing out and making statements that drip with hatred. The big thing that I noticed is that there was no trouble to speak of at the DNC convention, yet the liberals call the Republicans extremists.
I have been very frustrated as of late by the news of all this bad behavior and radical extremism shown by radical liberals attaching themselves to the Democratic party and I ask again, what is wrong with these people?

Written by Kevin

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