Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Mommy Moments

This weeks Mommy moment was more of a mommy realization. Each child you have gets a little tougher. Correct me if I am wrong, moms with multiple children, but with each child you become a little more shall I say, laid back. Here is my examples;

Josiah was playing the living room with Kira, I can't remember what I was doing but something where they were in ear shot but not direct eye site.
  • With the first child I don't think I was ever out of eye site, the second one in the same room but defiantly never in a different room.
I hear Josiah start to cry, I listen to determine if it is a I am mad, stuck, or if it is a bleeding wound cry.

  • With the first child you were right there so they never cried as you were picked them up before they could cry, the second child they cried but you were close enough and most likely saw what happened.

The crying did not last long so I assumed all was fine. After finishing whatever it was I was doing, I went and check on the kids. Much to my surprise Josiah had a nice sized scratch on his head. Kira proceeded to tell me she bumped him and he fell into the pack&play, must of hit the break on the wheel.

Later that day I realized I need to take Josiah 8 month pictures, so I put him in the recliner with the bear we have used for all the kids and took his picture. In the process of doing so I realized that the Coo Coo Clock was not running. I still withing arms reach of the chair turned and wound the clock. The next thing I know I hear Josiah crying again, this time he has gone from the chair to the floor. He acquired a nice chair/rug burn on his noise.

  • Again with the first I would have never turned your back, and the second I would have at least kept one hand on the baby.
Oh wait, it gets better. This time I was in the computer room checking e-mail fast (right, like you can check e-mail fast!) Any who, Josiah crawled in and found me and proceeded to play or say I say destroy the office. We did do one thing right, we moved our coffee table with hard edges and sharp corners into the office. Well maybe out in the garage would have been a better idea, as Josiah slipped on some magazines I let him tear apart and bumped his face on the table, no blood!

  • First child I never check e-mail unless they were in bed, second child only when they were contained in something.
So my mommy realization is that they get tougher or maybe I am getting lazy! Here is a picture of the one day battle scars! The one on his noise now has a scab so it looks even worse now, but the one by his eye went away.

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Anonymous said...

oh my.. I think he needs a Grandma to take care of him! Love you all lots