Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tough Day

<<Accident photos 008.jpg>> <<Accident photos 012.jpg>>
Friday was a bit of a tough day. The first order of business was going
out to an accident scene involving my troops. Thankfully no one was
seriously hurt, just some scrapes and bruises. I guess the law of
averages caught up with us. I firmly believe that automobiles are
Kuwaiti population control. Spectacular wrecks are business as usual. We
have close calls every time we go out and it caught up with us on this
one. My guy was maneuvering to the front of the formation to block
traffic and a Kuwaiti driver got in the way and forced my guys to
maneuver hard. The one thing that can't be fought is physics (an object
in motion tends to stay in motion) and the hard maneuver resulted in a
rollover. This could definitely have been a much worse day. A vehicle we
can replace, but you can't replace an Airman. Hopefully this will be the
end of this type of excitement!


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