Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Mommy Moments

I know, it is late again. I don't really have a mommy moment to share today. This is more a Thank you moment to my MOMMY!

Thanks mom for going to all those thing you did not want to when we were kids. When you were not feeling good, or just flat out tired but you still brought us anyway. For all the running around to this practice or that game. Also for teaching us that it is OK every once in a while to go to church of the "sheets with pastor pillow!"

I had kind of a rough end of the week last week, just not feeling good and it seemed like we had everything going on. From school carnival ( outside in 90+ heat with full sun! that is hot for this non-Californian native) to soccer picture and game, the yard needed mowing and the house needed cleaning. I don't remember which night it was but sometime in the last few nights I remember being very thankful for such a great mom, who has taught me more then I even know.



Anonymous said...

Your welcome.. and thank you for the very kind words.. It is all just a memory now.. and I would not trade the memory for anything! You are a far better mom than I ever was.. Thank you for raising such GREAT Grandchildren for me to enjoy! I love you. Proud to be your mom

Heather and Reese said...

Amen! Thanks to mom!

LOL! Church of Sheets with a Pastor Pillow! Good one!