Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Week One down!

Week one of who knows how many, more then I want to count yet at this point. Overall we have had a pretty good week. The girls are doing pretty good, the last few nights there has been more and more talk about missing and loving daddy. Prayer time has gotten longer, but it is well worth the extra minutes to listen to such soft tender hearts praying for their daddy to be safe. Both girls are a little more sensitive, cry a little bit easier but I can handle that, trust me I am always up for a good cry!

I am doing good also, I have been staying very busy which helps tons, the time just flies by. Like today I baked 5 loafs of banana bread, (4 of which are mini loaves), a batch of cookies, and I made some Zucchini soup. The soup by the way was way good. Kevin would be proud of me, I had a recipe but as my husband would say "I used it as a guide!" Cassie & Josiah also liked it!

Well it is quite in the house and I am going to go watch some TV or a movie.

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Karen Ruis said...

can't wait for the recipe.