Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Greetings from Kuwait

I have been here in Kuwait since the 21st of August and it has been busy from the get go. Aside from a bumpy start (I arrived with a migraine that resulted in puking my guts out for several hours) things are going well. I have been having some issues with the wireless over here, for the first week, the blog came up with an Arabic toolbar and wouldn't let me in. Now suddenly everything is in English and I am signed in. Computers can be such a mystery. If suddenly I go long periods of time without posting, don't be alarmed, it's because the wireless is acting up. It has been hot, the thermometer I saw today said 130 degrees, but the base weather predicted 118, I think I believe what I saw and felt! It has also been quite humid, the wind is coming in off the Persian Gulf and is blowing all the humidity inland. I can deal with dry heat, but the humidity just sucks the life right out of you. Not a lot else to tell. I have a very busy job without definite days off, we just take what time we can between missions and days where we have no missions scheduled (those days are few and far between). Gotta run, hopefully this will work now and I will be able to post periodically.

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