Thursday, August 28, 2008

Peaches, neighbors & life!

I am so very thankful for our neighbors, thanks to them we will never run out of peaches, well at least not for awhile! I was greeted yesterday morning with a 5 gallon bucket full of peaches. Yes, I said 5 gallon bucket, mind you this is the third time I believe, they have brought peaches to us. If you remember the first time we made two batches of jam plus froze some. The second was just a handful so we ate them fresh. This time I spent 1 1/2 peeling and slicing peaches till I was sticky up to my elbows. I know have 16 cups of sliced peaches in my freezer! :) YEAH! I really do love them! Just a lot of work for an already tired mom.

As I was peeling peaches and talking on the cell phone to a friend, my other phone rang and it was my other neighbor wondering if I wanted some melon, she had more then she could use. Sure why not the more fruit the better right?

So know I have peaches coming out my ear, almost laterally, and some fresh melon. I cut the melon up today and the kids have almost eaten it all. Thank goodness we have a couple of fruit flies around here by the names of Cassie, Kira & Josiah.

We really do love our neighbors and the house we live in. The owner of our home came by yesterday also. Not really sure why, maybe to make sure it was still standing? I sure hope he liked what he saw and will continue with our lease come Dec.

The kids in the neighborhood are also a lot of fun. They all play together pretty well for the most part. We have a little bit of jealousy now and then but for the most part things are good on that front too.

School is going good for both the kids. Kira, bless her heart wants to read so bad. Cassie and I have been working hard on having her read everyday, so I think Kira is seeing this and wants in on it too. I guess I will have to start working a little more with her on her letter sounds. Anyone have any good idea for that? Good books?

Well that is just a few thoughts from me on this Thursday evening.

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Anonymous said...

save some of those peaches for my visit in the spring!