Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Mommy Moment

You gotta love how kids get their words mixed up every once in a while. This weeks mommy moment is just that, Kira is a great one for getting words mixed up or just not quite right.

One afternoon while on vacation Ba (grandpa) got both the girls bowls of animal crackers. I believe Cassie was the instigator on snack time so she was right under foot while they were being passed out. Kira on the other hand was off playing in the other room. When Cassie came walking in with her bowl and would not share, Kira got pretty upset and came to tell me about it. I then told her that she had a bowl on the table that Ba had gotten for her. That is when she said " Ba you scared me with my bowl of animal crackers, thank you!" Well she almost got it, she was actually "surprised"

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Kari said...

Thanks for sending out the link to your blog. I'll enjoy keeping up on your life. We are praying for you!
Love, the Berglunds