Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Security Forces Flight Chief

It's been awhile since I've posted anything and I've been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to think of something interesting to talk about. I came up with going through a typical Security Forces work day. Here goes!

03:00 (yes, that is 3:00 am!): Wake up, make note to self to find the cat that took a dump in my mouth and deal severely with it!

03:01-03:30: Shower and take care of other necessary hygiene activities. (we call it the three S's in the military, I'm sure you can figure it out!)

03:30-04:00: Make coffee (very necessary at this unholy hour!) eat something and head out the door.

04:00-04:30: Drive to work.

04:30-05:00: Meet with off going Flight Chief and get pass-on's from the previous shift and prepare my morning briefing.

05:00-05:30: Guard Mount, known as the morning briefing in most civilian Police Departments. I brief my guys and girls on where they are posted, pass on's and safety.

05:30-06:00: Shift Change.

06:00-08:00: Attempt to get administrative tasks done, such as duty rosters and manning documents.

08:00-1530: Back office (Overhead personnel) are in and the day is spent putting out brush fires and running in circles trying to get things done. I also do post checks and try to get some training exercises in throughout the day.

15:30-16:00: Refuel and wash my vehicle in preparation for shift change.

16:00-16:30: Review daily paperwork, desk blotters and citations.

16:30-17:00: Brief on-coming Flight Chief on any significant pass on's.

17:00-17:30: Finish Paperwork.

17:30 -18:00: Conduct shift change and supervise weapons turn in.

18:00- 18:10: Turn my own weapon in>

18:15-18:45: Drive Home.

18:50-19:40: Eat something and put the kids to bed.

20:00: Take myself to bed and do it all over again the next day.

I hope this gives a little insight to the long hours we work as Security Forces. I hear a lot of others in the Air Force complain about their "long" hours. Once they see what we do (we occasionally get augmentee's from other career fields) they have a whole new respect for Security Forces.

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