Saturday, July 26, 2008

A lot of nothing

My day in a nut shell!

Do you ever have those day's where you feel like you are getting a lot done but you actually did not do that much? I was thinking that I had done a whole heck of a lot today but as I was talking to Kevin telling him what I did it really did not seem like all that much. So where did the day go? What did I do?

Well I folded and put away 8 load of laundry that Kevin had washed on Thursday. Stripped the girls bed, washed and re-made them. So all I really did today was laundry, see not really all that much.

The girls were busy playing first with the neighbor girl across the street then with the boy next door. Which helped keep them out of my hair. Josiah did a great job napping this morning and then helping me with the laundry.

Well that really is all I did today, a lot of nothing!

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