Monday, June 9, 2008

Who do you put your trust in? Heard a great message on Sunday about faith. Everyone has times in there lives where trust is easier to come by then others. It was a great reminder for me as I sat in church thinking about my week without Kevin and the week I had ahead.

I get asked a lot how in the world do you do it? "It" being when Kevin is gone. The truth is that I could not do it with out my trust in God. Don't be fooled by my quick answer, it is not easy and my faith goes in waves of strength but God is always there. Having Kevin gone is not something I like by any means but it is a reality in our lives right now, just part of the job that we(this is not a typo, Kevin's decision to re-join the military was a joint decision) signed up for. Kevin and I both truly believe that this is where God want us to be right now in our lives. Do we understand why? No, but we have to have faith and trust in God and in the plans that he has for us. Is it easy? No but we are just along for the ride!

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