Saturday, June 7, 2008

Never fails

It never fails, if something is going to go wrong it will be when your spouse is gone.

I thought I would be a fun mom and buy the girls a pool. So when we went to the store I surprised them by getting one. They of course wanted it open now, we waited till after supper. We opened the box and unrolled the pool, all good right? Wrong! First it was to big for where I wanted to put it, then as I was trying to fill this pool with the help of a 6 & 4 year old and a baby very unhappy at me as he was tired and his mouth hurt. Oh yeah he is teething big time! Anyway back to the pool so just picture the three of us trying to hold the sides up while filling it with water that feels like it is taking forever. Then I notice water on the ground next to the pool, sure enough there is a hole.

Needless to say by now we are all tired and mad. The girls don't have there pool, Josiah is still upset, and oh by the way I have a headache that is just pounding. So off to bed for the girls and because Josiah was so tired he went to bed very easy also. Sound good right, time for me to sit and watch a movie. That is what I thought too, but my head was not up for it, so I went to bed, so I thought. As soon as I got in bed Josiah started crying. I remember laying bed saying not now. Then I prayed that God would give me the strength and know what he did :) but he is good like that! I gave Josiah a little medicine and a lot of love and he went right back to bed. I don't remember much after until I heard Josiah again and it was 7:30 am :)

That brings us to today, of course the girls want to return there pool so right after breakfast we head back to the store. I purchased a different style pool and one that will fit where I want the pool to sit. Now all I have to do is blow this thing up. I thought it would not be a problem as we have this great drill that has a air gun with it. Let me tell you it took me 2 hrs to fill this stupid thing. I had Cassie help at one point so I could make us all smoothies for a snack. When I took back over the pump I realized that someone (Kira) had taken the plug out of the bottom ring that I had already inflated. Can anything more happen with this whole pool idea! I thought it would keep the kids happy for a while and get them out of my hair!

I finally got it all blown up and set outside, the girls were in it within seconds. All good right? Well for the most part, minus Kira having to pee three time in the hour they were in the pool, two of which she did not make it to the bathroom!

These are the times that I wish I lived near family, so that when I have a headache so bad I almost loose my supper, or when I could use a bigger air pump, or just a minute to check my e-mail I could call on family. I know our family wishes we lived closer also but I also know that I would not be the person I am if I did. Having to figure things out for my self, well not by my self but with God and my husband has helped me grow up as a person, wife and a mother. Trust me I am not all grown up yet there is a lot more growing to come.

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