Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful father's day. This is big shout out to all the dad's out there. You are so greatly appreciate for all you do.

To my dad; thank you for all you have taught me. I love knowing that I can drive a tractor, ride a horse, hammer a nail, use a circular saw, or even raise a barn full of cows or chicken! The list could go on and on. Most importantly I want to thank you for teaching me about my heavenly father.

To my father-in-law; thank you for raising an amazing son. For teaching him how to love and take care of his wife. For teaching about the love of family, country & God.

To my husband; where do I start. First thank you for your unfailing love for our children, even when they are driving you crazy. For your joy of sharing your love of history with the girls, and all the rough housing with the kids. Thank you for showing our children what it means to love both your country and your God. For all the sacrifices you make to keep our family safe.

Happy Father's Day and God Bless

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