Thursday, July 7, 2011

We got ORDERS!

Well we finally received word! We are headed to Grand Forks AFB, in Grand Forks North Dakota!

We are all so excited about this! (Only down fall is Kevin has to go to Korea before he get's to join the kids and I.)

The girls are excited, they can't wait to see and live where their will be snow!
I am always up for an adventure and this is just so close to home!
Kevin too is excited to be back in the Midwest, back on familiar ground.

Now come the fun task of researching the area, finding a place to live from thousands of miles away, figuring out when to go, how much time to take the kids out of school, which school they will attend, a new hair dresser & a new church.

Oh and don't forget we have to try and sell a house and move all our stuff!

Let the fun begin!!

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Karen Ruis said...

Thankful that you can take the first steps.. and that we can drive to see you in one day! We are so thankful with you!