Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update! We are alive!

I will say it again, where do the days go?? More then once in the last two months I have said to myself "I need to update our blog." So here it is,
The girls are doing great in school and making friends. They have started AWANA's on base and love it. Josiah is growing everyday and becoming a true two year old in every sense of the word.

Kevin is still plugging along at work, some days are better then other but isn't that true for all of us. He finally got a Dr. understand that his back pain was not normal. He has started to see the Chiropractor and we are hoping it will help, may be a long road but anything is better then nothing.

I am staying busy chasing after Josiah and trying to keep him fed! I also helping with our Church's MOPS group. I got to go on a what I am calling a "Mom-cation" to Florida in Jan. where I meet up with two of my friends. It was a very wonderful 5 days.

So that pretty much covers it for now. We have a some fun things planned for the next couple of weeks with my parents coming and a short weekend trip for Cassie birthday.

Life is calling me back!

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