Sunday, April 19, 2009

Juicy Juice

Thanks to the great folks at House Party, I was able to have another party. This one was sponsored by Juicy Juice. We had a wonderful play date where I was able to share Juicy Juice's newest juice. They have no added sugar, no artificial flavors or Preservative and come in a really cool 33.8 oz container. There is Juicy Juice Immunity with Vitamin C and Zinc to help support immune systems and prebiotic fiber for healthy digestions. The other is Juicy Juice Brain Development with DHA.

We got to try the apple, berry, & grape. They were all very good, but we were all surprised by how good the grape ones. One of the mom's who came said she was not much of a juice drinker, and really did not care for grape juice as it tastes like cough medicine. I convinced her to try the Juicy Juice and she loved it, she was sold, she said it had a very nice mild favor.

Beside the wonderful Juice we were also given a water bottle, re-usable shopping bag! We need to take care of God's beautiful nature any way we can right? We also received a fun growth cart to keep track of how fast our kiddos are growing, coupons for more juice now that we are all excited to go our and buy some. The kids got a coloring book and a small deck of cards! Both great brain activities :)

All in all we had a fantastic afternoon. I encourage you to give the the new Juicy Juice a try, you won't be disappointed. Also if you have not looked around the House Party website do so. It is a great way and reason to get your friends together!

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