Wednesday, December 10, 2008


God is Good! Our Family has been blessed tons this last week and I wanted to share them with you all.

We are home safe and sound after a wonderful time in Grand Rapids, MI with my family. The flight home was not as good as the flight there. Josiah was in my lap for both legs of the trip, but it could have been worse. Cassie and Kira were great, they have become pretty self sufficient when it comes to flying. Cassie even sat in the row behind me for part of the flight, she orders her own drink, took a nap and even went to the bathroom on her own! Kira's stomach as bothering her so we took a few trips to the bathroom, but we made it home without any puck or poop on any of us! After hear some of my complaint words coming from Cassie and Kira, I realized I must have been doing a lot of complaining, so after reminding all of us that I choose not to pay for a seat for Josiah so we could not complain about him sitting on my lap as it was my choose to not buy him a seat. (We are big on living with our chooses around our house these days!)

I came home to a very clean house. Cleaner then I had left it, I try to make sure things are picked up so that when I return from a vacation it is not to overwhelming but it was really clean. A missed placed toy here, a bed made there, vacuum marks in my bedroom, no dust on my dresser, things that made me go hmm? Someone has been in my house? My new friends are the best, they cleaned my house for me while I was gone. Thank you fellow Mall Walkin Mommy Mobbers!

While on vacation I got an e-mail from my commanders wife telling me about this wonderful nursery that was giving Christmas trees to Military Families with Deployed spouses. WOW a free Christmas tree! So after church on Sunday the kids and I went to Green Acres Nursery & Suply in Roseville, CA and got our free tree and poinsettias! Thank you so much Green Acres you are AWESOME! They wrapped it all up, cut the end off and even tied it to the top of my van!

My wonderful neighbor from across the street came over and help me get the tree down from the top of the car and into the house. We got it up and sitting straight in the stand. So nice to be in such a wonderful neighborhood.

Before I left I notice a slight squeak when I would step on my brakes of the van. So I had it in my plans to have them looked at when I got home. Well as luck would have it the sliding door on the van also stopped working, so no excuse to not bring it in now. The wonderful people at the dealership take such good care of me. I was bracing for the worst and ready to pay BIG money. Well the brake are fine, actually the guy said they look very very good! And the door was something very simple and I only got charged labor! On top of all that, they have a wonderful van shuttle that brought me home and then pick me up this morning when I needed a ride(see next blessing), they even drove by Kira's school so I could drop her off.

Having brought the van in yesterday and not knowing it would be done in a day I was planning on using Kevin car to bring the kids to school today and all the other stuff I do! I got all the car seats in the car and then loaded the kids in. It would be close to getting to the bus stop on time but we just might make it. I put the key in and the car won't start, it is dead as a door knob! Great neighbor #2. The family next door also has a son that goes to Cassie school so they brought Cassie this morning, he also brought his battier charger over and we got Kevin car going!

God is so Good even in the mist of bad/hard things he send blessing.

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innkeeper said...

I am so glad that you have wonderful friends and neighbors when family is so far away. God does provide.