Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Turkey Day ( a little late)

This is how Kira woke the house hold up yesterday! She ran around say's "Happy Turkey Day!"

I pray that everyone had a very blessed Turkey day. We had a good day filled with lots of good food, and family time. We of course missed someone very important in our house! On day's like Thanksgiving we miss Kevin tons, but we are also so very thankful for all all the sacrifices he and all the other military members do for us.

So Kevin, we miss you and love you tons. I wish you could have been with us as we sat around the table saying what we are thankful for, or as we played card games, as we went for our walk, as we ate way to much yummy dessert, and as we sat around telling stories from our childhood. I understand why you have to be gone and we are so thankful for all you do!

Happy Turkey Day!

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