Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have found some wonderful friends and we have been getting together once a week and doing some scrapbooking. I LOVE it! It is so much more fun for me to scrapbook with other people. We have also been playing around with Digital scrapbooking, not sure if it is for me or not, I still really like to know that I have personally touched and worked on a page. But as busy as I am and as far behind as I am I thought I might start giving it a try. My friend told me about this website it is free to join so I thought I would play around with it a little. Here is my very first digital scrapbook page.

I am also playing around a little with Creative Memories free software. I will let you know how that goes as well.

What do you think? Anybody have a favorite site? I would like to be able to print just single pages to put in my albums I have started. I may also make a full digital album but not sure if I am there yet!

I would love any and all suggestions!

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Kevin said...

Looks like an interesting concept, I think you enjoy the traditional way too much to give it up, though.