Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Mommy Moments

A few make my heart melt moments and one Kira moment.

Yesterday at church as Cassie and I were standing to sing during the praise time, we started singing a song and she looked up at me and said, "it is ....."(sorry don't remember the name of the song) and she was right. I got teared up to know that she loves to sing and is choosing to learn and remember song that praise her heavenly father.

Josiah newest thing this week is anytime we sing the song "Ho Ho Hosanna" he has started to wave his little hand and tries to sing the song. So cute you just want to cry.

Kira, bless her heart actually has two. The other day I was talking to my mom on the phone trying to come up with the name of this movie I have been hearing a lot about on the radio station we listen to and I could not think of it, then all the from no where Kira says "Fire Proof is the name mom." I asked how in the world did you know that, she said "because they are always talking about it on the radio." This was so cute but also a eye opener for me, they really do listen to the radio and pick stuff up, so like the song says "be careful little ears what you hear."

Kira other one is funny, I bought Kira a pair of slipper today and she was trying them on while we were driving home from school. From the back seat I hear "I love these mom so much I wish I could keep them till I die." I said but your feet will grow and then they won't fit. Her reply was "I wish they could just grow like my feet, then I could keep them forever." Got to love the way their brains works.

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Anonymous said...

you have precious children. I love them all!