Monday, September 22, 2008

One Month Down

I figured I would take a break from politics for a day since as of
yesterday, I have one month deployed under my belt. It has definitely
been a busy one! The weather continues to be hot, but the humidity
hasn't been nearly as high, which has been a blessing. Today, I actually
more or less have a day off, the first since I've been here. The past
week has been a killer, we have a new rotation of folks working
logistics and they can't seem to find their rear end in a dark hallway
with both hands! This has affected us (my team) since personnel
movements fall under logistics. Between the 20th and the 21st, I and
most of my team worked 27 hours without sleep and two of them went
considerably longer due to another screwed up mission. With any luck,
the powers that be will get involved and fix the cranial rectal
inversion on the part of logistics. Other than that, things aren't going
too bad. With the busy schedule, time is flying by. Hopefully it will
stay that way. Being deployed is the time that you hope to be busy, too
much off time will drive you crazy when you are confined to a small yard
with limited resources. I'm not saying there's nothing to do, it's just
limited, and services is doing what they can to come up with things to
do. I think there must also be some new people in the chow hall (they
want to be called a dining facility now, but I'm old school and won't
comply with that one, it's a chow hall!) since the quality of the food
seems to have slipped. It seemed pretty good when we got here, but
again, I'm noticing a downward trend. Examples to cite, when calling a
dish chicken parmesan, one should not substitute salsa for marinara
sauce! Another would be overcooking Salmon to the point that it loses
it's pink color and looks more like a dead body than a piece of fish.
Still one more, Curry should NEVER be an ingredient in BBQ sauce! One
last complaint, and Liz is familiar with it, one more day of chicken and
I will probably sprout feathers! After a deployment, chicken and rice
generally don't make too many appearances on the dinner menu at the
Isenberger house! There isn't really a whole lot else going on, I need
to go and do a bit of laundry and then find something to amuse myself
with until dinner time.

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