Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saying Good Bye

Our morning started nice an early today. We were all up and on the road by 4am. The kids are doing amazing well for being up that early. I did send both girls to school. I have found that as much normalcy as possible is a good thing. So Cassie is at school, Josiah is napping (kind of), and Kira is watching Sesame Street. The morning went pretty much like the other 5 or is is 6 now, deployment send offs. Get there really early and then just sit around and wait. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that there is a lot of hurry up and wait in the military.

The other thing I learned real fast is if something is going to go wrong, with anything like the car, the house, you name it, it will happen when he is gone. This separation is appearing to be no different. After our final hugs and kisses the kids and I walk to the van. After getting all three buckled up and doors closed, oh yeah that is the first thing, the sliding doors decided they were going to stop working! I heard a little extra "ding" as I started the car. It was a warning light, I could not believe it, I had not even put the car in drive yet! I hope and pray that this is not the how the rest of the separation is going to go.

After bringing Kira to school, then Cassie to school, then back to pick Kira up school (she only went for an hour yesterday and today) we headed to the dealer where they check the tires, put air in them and made an appointment for the doors. Thank goodness for warranties!

I am sure it will be a very early to bed night for all of us tonight. I do know that Kevin has a few long hours and plane rides ahead of him today also. I will or Kevin will try to keep you posted on his end and his journey as well.


Karen Ruis said...

Precious photos.. please send them and the school ones to me via email

Ayisha said...

We've got you (the whole fam)covered in prayer here in GA!