Wednesday, August 20, 2008

His Smell

Some might call me crazy but when I woke up this morning I rolled over and I could swear Kevin was in bed with me. Then reality hit that he was gone, but I could smell him. As I followed my noise I figured out that it was his pillow. I told myself, that I was just not going to wash his pillow case for awhile. This is the part where you go "ahh.. how sweet, then eww.. that's gross!" Then the next reality hit, it was time to get out of bed!

My morning went reasonably well, we got out the door on time. Dropped Kira off, which by the way is a little bit of a confused mess but I am hopping that will get better as time goes. By mess I mean there are a ton of parents all dropping off there preschoolers at the same time, having to sign them in, put bags away, saying good byes, all in what seems to be a very small area. Oh not to mention that the poor teacher is trying to help the flow but having to speak two if not three different languages doing it. But that is another story!

Back to my morning, Kira is all set so now it is back in the car to get Cassie to school. I found some back roads so the timing is working so far but it is still cutting a little close so Cassie my have to start riding the bus in the mornings. Drop Cassie off at the front door and let her walk to her class alone today, she is really getting to be a big girl.

As I wait my turn to leave the drop zone I turned around in the van only to see Josiah, a sight that I don't think has happened till today! So I decided to run to the store and pick up some milk and cheese, we seem to always be running out of those two things! It was a little weird to only have Josiah, a good weird but weird. We came home I laid Josiah down for a nap and it was quite in the house, I mean really quite. Then it hit me that I had an 1 1/2 of silence what was I to do?

Again it was weird but I am not complaining, no way! What did I do, computer work of course that never seems to end. So all in all I had a good morning.

Oh but wait the sheets story I started with. As I was sitting at the computer I notice my leg was itching, after looking at it I realized the my left leg was covered in some kind of bits, all over. (I tried taking a picture but it did not turn out, sorry.) I could not figure out what it was, thinking it might be a spider I ran up stair and tore the sheets off the bed, to include his pillow case :( and toss them in the washer. After looking a little more closely and talking with some people I think they are a mosquito bites.

I guess I will just have to find one of his shirts to sleep in, I usually snag one every time he is gone and he wonders where all his cloths go! :)


Heather Linebarger said...

the smell gets me everytime- and it always fades too fast!
I'm glad things are going okay for you... well, other then the car. I'm trying to stick to "the same" like you suggested, I think the hardest thing for us is going to be meal times. :)
It will be nice to see you this weekend!

Karen Ruis said...

Love the blog.. Your mom