Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moving Frustrations

Moving comes with the good and the bad. I really don't mind moving, getting to explore new areas, meeting lots of new people and try new things. But one of the down sides to moving is having to find a new... dentist, hair stylist, nail tech, coffee shop, bargain stores and the list can go on. You know all those little things you don't think about until you have to move and find a new one. Let's just say I wish that I could hop on a plane to Texas to see Christina to get mine and the girls hair cut. WE MISS YOU!

I am in search of a dentist right now, I figure since I am paying for dental insurance I should use it! But where do you start? When I do a search on my providers website you just get a list of name and address, what good is that? How do I know if they are nice? Is the office clean? How long will I have to wait? I have put the question out to my friends on CafeMom, and will soon on Mamasource as well, these are two social groups I am a part of and I really like. I have found asking questions is the best bet but it still is not fun!

So if anyone out there has any ideas for me let me know!

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