Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Unexpected lesson from an unexpected person at an unexpected time!

The girls started swim lessons this week. Yesterday's first lesson went pretty good, Kira was a little timid and did not want to do too much. After talking with her I uncovered that she thought the pool was too deep. So today we talked with the teacher about it and he did a great job of helping her feel more comfortable.

Today I was witness to a very unexpected but welcome lesson for this swim class of five 3&4 year olds. Kira happens to be the only girl in the class, even her two teachers are males and appear to be college age. After their leg warm up of kicking and having fun splashing it was time to take turns on the kick board with the teachers. The main teacher asked "who wants to go first?" Of course all five hands went up, but the teacher said "don't you think we should let the lady go first?" This went on for the rest of the class. Anytime they had to take turns, the teacher would ask " who do you think should go first?" The boy's in the class did a great job for the most part letting Kira go first, but what do you expect from 4 & 5 year olds?

The parents/grandparents of the 4 little boys were also very happy to see this college age guy teaching their little guys this very valuable lesson. It was nice as a mother of two girls to know that chivalry still exists in this society of ours.

To the swim teacher's parents, Thank You for teaching your son these important lessons!

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