Monday, June 23, 2008

A Monday Morning

Why does getting up on Monday mornings seem so much harder then every other morning of the week? We had a great Sunday, we chose to go to early service at our church which gave us almost 5 hrs at home before we went back for bible study. Why it took us till the last bible study to figure this out or try it out I am not sure, but it was nice, even got a few minute nap on the couch :)

Back to my morning. I did not want to get up, Kevin was up and out of the house by 4am, I think, I woke up to say good bye but fell back to sleep before he could even get down the stairs and out the door. I did not want to get up this morning, I just kept rolling over looking at my clock 6:30, then Kevin's clock 6:40 back and forth I went until finally at 6:50 I rolled myself out of bed. I know, not that early, but I could not get myself out of the bed! Once I did my morning was pretty typical. I got dressed and went down stairs for a big glass of water, then poured my cup of coffee. Kevin has turned me into a coffee drinker and I too really enjoy Boca Java coffee. I turned on my computer and then I popped one of my new favorite breakfasts in the toaster. It is a newer product from KRAFT, the whole wheat Bagel-fuls. They are so good, a wonderful bagel wrapped around cream cheese. Now that I have my bagel-ful and my boca java I sit down at the computer and get to work. I have not figured it out yet, but I have 3 different e-mail address, three social network type pages, and our blog. One of these day's I will consolidate! Before I know it the kids are up and we are on the run.

Well that is a typical morning in my house.

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