Friday, June 27, 2008

A LONG night!

We experienced something for the first time last night. This is our first time living off base in a community and I am really not sure what the "rules" are for things like last night.

We came home last night to our street full of cars. It appeared that our neighbors were having some kind of get together. After getting the kids in bed and having a little snack Kevin was off to bed as he needed to get up at 3am for work. A little picture into our house and neighborhood, the houses are really close so our bedroom window is right next to the neighbors back yard, yes the ones having the party. Kevin went to bed and I started watching a movie, about an hour later, 9pm, Kevin came down wondering if we had any ear plugs. By 11pm he was back down to have a glass of milk, no sleep yet. Now the neighbors were not being all that loud, no loud music, it is just the fact that our houses are so close. Kevin said it sounded like a hen house! the women and kids were outside. To add to the night, Kira was not sleeping very well either I think she was up 3 times from 11pm-1pm while Kevin and I drifted in and out of sleep. I believe it finally got quite and everyone went home or to bed by 2am. So needless to say Kevin got maybe an hour of sleep last night.

So if you are reading this if you would just shout out a prayer for Kevin as he is going to have a very long day today with only 1hr of sleep at best.

So what is the polite neighborly thing to have done? Should of I went over and asked them to maybe keep it down some? Just leave it be, I mean what if we want to have a party sometime? Any recommendations on good ear plugs, Kevin just can't seem to sleep with them in.

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Heather & Reese said...


Yeah, that's a tough one. I probably would just deal with it, but if you're on good terms with the neighbors then asking them to pipe down wouldn't hurt anything. It might even solve your problem!

When we fly Space A I always use the waxy earplugs that cover the opening of my ear. I can't stand the kind that go inside my ear. I use those for the little boys too.

Bless you!

:) Reese